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The first embroidery workshop was created at Hacienda Zuleta sixty years ago. Over time, the designs for women's blouses began to be used for utilitarian objects such as tablecloths, napkins, towels, among others.

Later, the Embroidery Project (Proyecto de Bordado) was created, managed by the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation, which provided work and training to more than 300 women from Zuleta and surrounding communities: Bordados Zuleta brand was born. As time passed by, the embroiderers became independent. Now, they have their own workshops and stores.

Aware that embroidery is an activity that generates income for the women and families of Zuleta and surrounding communities, GPLF has points of sale in the hacienda’s store, in Casa Zuleta and in stores in Quito such as Olga Fisch and Zsimon Home. In addition, it constantly promotes visits to embroidery workshops on its social networks and manages projects that can help improve the marketing opportunities of embroiderers. We invite you to visit their crafting spots in the community and support their work.

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