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The condor´s house

In 1995, Fernando Polanco and his uncle Galo Plaza met Friedman and Heide Köster, a couple of German biologists dedicated to animals’ rescue. They took care of two condors by then. After getting to know the Rinconada de San Pedro, located inside Hacienda Zuleta, they created an aviary for both birds and others that would continue coming. Thanks to the donation of private companies and monetary contributions, the cages that currently house six condors were built.

Since 2010, Cóndor Huasi has been part of the National Andean Condor Working Group (Grupo Nacional de Trabajo del Cóndor Andino), along with other organizations in the country that are focused on actions for the rescue, care, and reproduction of condors, either injured or in poor captive conditions. At the same time, education and awareness programs for local communities are carried out to improve the chances of survival of condors that live in the wild.

At the moment, in the aviary, live the only two reproductive pairs of condors currently existing in the country: Ayu & Inti, parents of Jatun, born in November 2022, and Coya & Tarishka, parents of Toa (who lives in Guayllabamba Zoo) and the male Huagcha, born in November 2023. Her case was a challenge for the FGPL team as their parents had to be separated, and it was the father who took care of the chick. We'll tell you the complete story in this document.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, email us down and/or we invite you to learn about the Adopt a Condor (Adopta un Cóndor) initiative.

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Adopt a Condor is an initiative aimed at individuals or companies, which seeks to cover food and health expenses of a condor for two years.

For more information, you can download the brochure at this link.

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