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Starting in 1940, Hacienda Zuleta keeps a balance between agricultural development and the conservation of areas such as corners and moorlands. For decades, their exploitation was avoided,  allowing them to recover the life and reproduction of animals; many of them quite vulnerable, such as pumas, spectacled bears, pudus and condors. One hundred forty types of birds, 25 mammals, four amphibians, and four reptiles have been identified in these habitats. Therefore, conservation is a transversal axis of all the activities and projects carried out by the GPLF.

Not only environmental conservation work has been done, but also the protection of archaeological treasure, made up by the tolas and Caranqui pyramids found inside the hacienda. In addition to his care, several research projects have been conducted in order to learn more about this vestige, part of the country's cultural heritage.

Conservation Program includes the following:

Cóndor Huasi Bear´s sanctuary |  Caranquis vestiges

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